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Happy Blue Fish is a mobile game designer, producer and publisher, dedicated to the improvement of individuals through gaming. It's Learning Games for everybody, from kids to families to seniors. Our games are designed not only to entertain, but also to add a positive influence on people's life : learn something, feel better at home, at work, in your life, with your friends, understand the world...


Every Person Counts! We design, develop and publish mobile video games in total respect of the fundamental ethical values of social responsibility and ecological development. We believe in humanist values, respect, wellness and quality of life, solidarity and sharing. Great games are created by great people, great people work with fun, drive, freedom and vision.


Engage, Retain, Monetize



The first time a user launches a game, you have to touch his mind and/or his heart, so he has no choice but wanting to come back again. The first session is crucial, this is where the churn rate is the higher, so a lot of time and testing has to be spent in order to ensure that each player will not miss the added value of your game.



Once a player starts playing with your game, you've already made a big step! Now it's time to retain him/her in your game. You want each player to come back every day, every week, for several months... To do that you you need to find the good mix of engaging story-telling, fun gameplay, visual quality, rewards and incentives, and retention mecanisms...



The store is in the game, the products: fun moments, the sales force: your IP and game design... There are several ways to monetize your players, but finding the right one for each player is tricky! The key is to design the monetization process right at the heart of the game design, and to adapt it to each player .


Turn Licenses into games

Your targets are casual gamers and/or kids?
Happy Blue Fish can design and develop your games with full respect of your IPs and licenses.
We can work with your own creative people on an existing "detailed concept",
or we can start your project from scratch, providing all the design and creative resources.






Our Games and IPs


The Deskplorers “Jump in a Book” series: a unique interactive experience combining stories and mini-games, with real educational values.

Kids love nice stories, kids love to play fun video-games, but many games don’t bring the educational value parents would hope for. Combining storytelling, playing and Education has been at the core foundation of the Deskplorers game design.


Challenge your friends in endless races! This well known French animated series blends a National Geographic documentary with a Tex Avery cartoon, where ladybugs can’t stop teasing the flies!

This racing game follows the story of a mischievous Ladybug, an angry Fly, an army of Red Ants and many more interesting insects. At each level, you must race and dodge to collect coins – and unlock new environments to explore!


Through Feng Shui Game you will discover, or rediscover, this ancient Chinese art with multiple applications in your daily life: interior design, stress management, relaxation … Everything is about balance and harmony! Suitable for all ages, easy to use and very well designed,.

Okinawa Game offers four complementary game modes, much more relaxing than a brain training while providing useful knowledge for your well being.


Our Markets



Our team has many years of experience in designing and producing kids educational games. Previously at Mindscape, Dominique (CEO) worked on Adibou, Reader Rabbit and many more strong kid IPs. Happy Blue Fish has created its own kids educational IP - The Deskplorers - and is developing educational games for bigs clients (Hachette Livre in Paris, Fingerprint Digital in California...). Including some educational value on all our games is at the core of our mission.



Working on very large audience IPs like "Minuscule", Happy Blue Fish has a strong experience in the design and production of Casual Digital games. Happy Blue Fish is producing the official games of the "Minuscule" international license. Our studio is also developing casual mobile games for big clients: France Television, Téléimages, Studio Hari... Always fun casual games with no violence and positive values.

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Happy Blue Fish is leveraging its mobile knowledge outside the game market, helping companies invent new products and services based on Apps and SAAS technologies. We provide consulting services to help corporate clients in their Digital Transition. We design and develop apps, from prototypes to full products, in fast and agile production cycles. We bring all our knowledge about mobile User Experience, user acquisition, retention and monetization.


Our Team


CEO & Production Manager

Entrepreneur (founder of OpeMind Intl in 1991, sold to Mindscape in 2006) and software Development wizard, Dominique has been for 3 years the CTO of Mindscape France, in charge of all Nintendo DS and Wii productions. Dominique founded Happy Blue Fish in July 2009 to embrace the mobile gaming revolution.

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CTO & Chief Software Officer

After a Master Degree at IFSIC (Rennes), Jonathan worked 4 years at Vivendi Mobile Games (France) as Senior Frameworks and Tools Developer. Jonathan oversaw the development of many games like «The Bourne Conspiracy», «Prison Break», «Crash Nitro Kart 2» and «Virtual Villagers». Jonathan joined Happy Blue Fish when it started in 2009.


Head of Graphic Studio

A graduate from the Pivaut School (Nantes), Alexia is in charge of the 2D graphic creation and production pipeline, for content and HUD assets. Alexia joined Happy Blue Fish when it started in 2009.


Mobile Software Developer

After graduating from IFSIC (Master Degree, Rennes), Phala-Winheros joined Happy Blue Fish after a successful Master internship. He is a senior mobile developer for both iOS and Android.


Head of Data Science & AI

Matthieu graduated from Paris VI University with a PHD in Particule Physics in 2011, and worked as a researcher and Data Scientist at CEA  (Saclay), University of Maryland (USA) and  ETH (Zurich). He is in charge of the Data Science and AI for askblu.ai.

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