Learn English with Toonix!


Publisher: Fingerprint
Target audience: Kids
Language:Thai, Malay, Simplified Chinese, Tamil, Filipino/Tagalog, French, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Spanish


 A new app designed to teach children English and grammar.
Create and customize your own Toonix avatar then start learning over 300 English words from categories including animals, letters, clothes, body parts, colors, professions and more!

♦QUAD – Make friends with the other Toonix by practicing your spoken English!
♦DORM – Measure your learning progress and see the Toonix you’ve met in the yearbook.
♦FISHY FUNHOUSE – Play four fun mini-games in the Fishy Funhouse!
♦AVATAR MAKER – design your own Toonix!
♦MULTIPLAYER MODE – play and learn with a friend!

Join the Tooniversity and have fun!