Learn Enjoy – Kirikou

Kirikou and the extra- ordinary children is the story of an encounter. The meeting between a little boy, a model of courage and intelligence, and different children, extra- ordinary , it will help to learn a lot of things.


Publisher: Learn Enjoy
Target audience: Kids
Language: French


Created by specialists of child development and the management of autism , activities are clear and easily understandable,
distractions are reduced to a minimum in order to promote the learning of concepts and vocabulary.

Work focuses on:

♦ Categories and cognitive knowledge.

♦ Language comprehension.

♦Word and oral communication.

♦ Game and interactions.

♦ School and academic skills.

With these applications , children with ASD will be able to learn many things, but not only them !
All children will be able to have fun learning , and for those who do not know it, discover the universe of Kirikou .