Hachette – Lire

Learn to read with fun !   Publisher: Hachette éducation Target audience: Kids Language: French   Through 4 progressive games , your child will first recognize the sounds and form syllables on the mode “b” and “a” , “ba” . Then he can complete words and finally , it will form sentences. ♦ all audio instructions ♦ 2 […]

Learn Enjoy – Kirikou

Kirikou and the extra- ordinary children is the story of an encounter. The meeting between a little boy, a model of courage and intelligence, and different children, extra- ordinary , it will help to learn a lot of things.   Publisher: Learn Enjoy Target audience: Kids Language: French   Created by specialists of child development and the management […]

Hachette – Anglais

Apprend l’Anglais avec Tommy et Julie! Publisher: Hachette éducation Producer: Happy Blue Fish Studio Target audience: Kids Language: French   What is the best way to learn a language? Listening, speaking and why not singing! Julie visits her English pen pal: it’s an opportunity to learn the structures and basic vocabulary across 10 animated scenes of family life […]

Happy Dragon

Happy Dragon: 100,000 Whys, the first learning and play network for kids and their grownups!   Publisher: Astro malaysia Target audience: Kids Language: English, Malaysian, Tamil, Chinese   Happy Dragon, Pang Pang, and all their friends will journey to the beach, explore a campsite in the woods, and picnic in the park, while exploring the basics of: […]

Learn Enjoy

LearnEnjoy is an educational media that promotes language acquisition and cognitive and academic skills of native level .   Publisher: Learn Enjoy Target audience: Kids Language: French   LearnEnjoy is for all children and young people with learning difficulties and special needs : Autism, Trisomy 21 , Intellectual Disability , … ♦ Use a richer and more complex communication […]